Episode 1 - Toward Wellbeing - Parenting Q&A

Rachel Tomlinson is a Registered Psychologist who specialises in working with children and families. She uses her professional skills and insights as a mother herself to explore tough parenting topics. Episode 1 of the Toward Wellbeing podcast focuses on Q&A from readers and cover the following topics:

When should you move your children out of your bedroom (if they have been sleeping in a cot/bassinette in your room) and how long should you leave babies to cry?

What is your stance on smacking?

How do you deal with your children when they have public meltdowns?

How can you stop challenging behaviours (shouting/tantrums) before they occur?

Please be aware that the answers are all general and don't take into account personal circumstances. As always you are the own expert of your situation and needs as an individual and a family so please take all comments as discussions rather than directives.

Below are the links through Soundcloud and Stitcher (iTunes and Spotify links to follow shortly) if you want to listen in another format.

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