Episode 2 - Toward Wellbeing - Anxiety in Children: The Great Imposter

Episode 2 - Anxiety in Children: The Great Imposter

Rachel Tomlinson is a Registered Psychologist who specialises in working with children and families. She uses her professional skills and insights as a mother herself to explore tough parenting topics.

Welcome to episode 2 of my podcast. This episodes focus is on how anxiety presents in children, how it differs from adults, what you might notice in their behaviours and some simple strategies to help children manage feelings of anxiety/distress.

Over the years I have noticed that parents are often at a loss with challenging behaviours, only to later realise that the behaviours were explained by anxiety. But please note, one behaviour or symptom does not equal a diagnosis of anxiety, so please take all information with a pinch of salt and see an appropriate health professional for a formal assessment/discussion.

Also, please excuse my croaky throat throughout, I’m on the tail end of a bug!

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