And so the journey began…

I am a Registered Psychologist and I am one of those lucky people who knew what they wanted to do from the time they left school. I have steadily worked towards my goal and have spent my entire adult life gaining experience in the mental health industry. I have worked in Women’s Refuges, Homeless Hostels, Disability Care Homes, Children’s Residential Homes, in HR/Recruitment, Not for Profit and the Health Care Industry.

Now I want to work with you… I am so passionate about positive mental health and wellbeing that I want to share my insights with you. I will access my skills and knowledge gained from work in counselling (with adults and children), play therapy, parenting support programs, trauma counselling, and clinical supervision. I am focussed on individual wellness, child development, parenting and building strong families and relationships. On this website you will see blog posts and interesting articles from renowned journalists who I have acted as an expert source for in the mental health field.

Acting as an expert source and writing my own blogs has given me a closer insight into how my knowledge can inform people on a larger scale and because of this I have decided to write a parenting book which is due to be released worldwide in November 2019; so keep an eye on the ‘Coming Soon” page for updates.

Thank you for joining me on this journey toward wellbeing.